Some words about us


TipTopFund is an innovative crowd-investing share-trading platform where start-ups and early stage companies can easily sell new shares to investors, who can then easily and inexpensively buy, sell, or hold these shares as they wish on our platform.

Having started in 2015, TipTopFund is growing rapidly thanks to its unique investment offerings and easy-to-use share trading platform.

There is no other place where investors who want to get in on the ground floor of early investments can connect with exciting young companies in some of the most innovative sectors of emerging technologies.
TipTopFund is based in Estonia and compliant to the law of the European Union
Using TipTopFund you will –
  • Invest in some of the most exciting new technologies
  • Buy shares in innovative companies long before most investors hear about them
  • Have the opportunity to easily buy, sell, or hold the shares of these companies
  • Achieve strong investment returns from your investments
  • Have a clear exit strategy for each of your investments
Our experience

We possess rich experience in IT, venture investing, crowdfunding, crowdinvesting, customer relations management so we are keen to provide our customers with the top notch service.

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15 years
Venture investing
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