How Does TipTopFund Help With Funding for Startups?

TipTopFund will give your new company access to a universe of investors who are actively searching for great new companies to invest in at the “pre-seed” stage, when the companies’ founders have got a clear business plan and need an initial outside investment to begin making their dream a reality. Through TipTopFund your company will have access to professional advisors in finance, marketing, accounting, and fund raising. We will help you develop your idea and prepare your business for the outside investment it needs.


Do You Have An Idea for A Great New Company With Digital Products or Services!?

Startup business funding: Tell us about your idea

Look for business startup funding? Describe your business idea, let us know how much new capital you will require, and what you need startup financing for. No business plan required! Funding a startup has never been easier!

Get your company’s shares listed and trading on our Web site – best way to find investors for startups

If your idea and potential for success meet our guidelines, you’ll soon start getting offers to invest in your shares from our TipTopFund investors. This is how you will find investors online

Startup fund raising complete, start work

Being a startup funding website, TipTopFund will guide you through startup funding stages to bring your business idea to life. If you need seed funds for startup TipTopFund is the right place to get started.

Our Addition to Your Company’s Growing Added value

We know how to help you make your business successful and valuable. Our various specialists will help you get to the next level.

Still unclear how to get funding for a startup?

Do you want to learn more about how startup funding works? how to get funding for startup? how to find funding for a startup? Get in touch with us, we are here to help! We and our investors will help you turn your idea today into a successful company with a detailed business plan, profitable product and service sales and a professional Web site – all the key elements you need to succeed.



Provide us with the details about your company, your management, and your idea for an innovative new service or product. We will get in touch with you and discuss making your shares available to our hundreds of active small cap investors.


We will agree with you on the structure of your sale of shares and inform our investors what a great investment your shares would be for them.


After using the money our investors have provided to you to build your company, you will be able to use TTF time and again as you need more new capital to fund future growth.