TipTopFund — FAST, CONTROLLED and RISKLESS growth of your startup investments

price of shares change as
businesses go through stages
you’re a co founder
of the start-up
invest bitcoin via escrow
a successful stage makes
the price higher
access and monitor
the bank account
funds go directly
to developers
trade the shares and
take profit at any time
approve all
funding continues in each stage



Assume we have an idea to build a cool online shop to sell shoes. Our web startup goes through the following stages:

As our online shop – develops the value of our web startup grows (see left):

Online shop
to sell shoes
Men/women? Mass market/upmarket?
Cost of research $1000
Who are our customers and competitors? How do we sell?
Cost of bizplan $4000
Setup an online shop: programming, hosting, design, CRM
Cost of this stage $15000
Advertising, PR, work with influencers and media
Cost of this stage $10000
Hire sales, work with partners and customers
Cost of this stage $20000
Upgrade software, setup international branch, work on brand, hire more staff
Cost of this stage $150000

Thus, investors always know what they finance and why, stage by stage. The value of their web startups grows and they can sell their shares for quick profit if they like.