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“We aim to redefine the concept of social networking by motivating everybody in the world to get directly in touch with their collocutors, in a simple and intuitive way, and we reward them for doing so!” Retrivr

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The basis of Retrivr is a platform that enables easier exchange and management of personal and professional information between people in direct interaction, via bluetooth, from smart to smart devices. Retrivr’s platform sets a user profile from his/hers professional and personal interests, and knows who and where are the people that each user would most be interested in meeting.

Within this platform, Retrivr sets challenges profiled to each user in order to motivate them to exchange their contacts with each other. These challenges are associated to non-invasive adverts and a gamification strategy, which provides brands with an innovative mobile digital marketing approach, and transforms each user in a brand ambassador among his/hers circle of direct in-loco interactions. In this way, brands get closer to their clients, and reward them for fulfulling the networking challenges that spread brand awareness.

As an employee engagement tool, Retrivr allows companies to attain exact metrics about the networking that goes on in the professional scope of their employees and amongst their audiences/clients. It this way, companies are able to aknowledge those who do the greatest efforts in fulfilling objectives, in participating in suggested activities and in spreading the client base. Retrivr also provides usefull tools for aquisition, management and follow-up of contacts.


MVP app (beta) launched

CEO and COO joined the board

Company founded